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Getting the correct type of gutter guard is essential in preserving the health of your home.  

My recommendation is that,  even if you don't buy Handi Boyz, don't get any style of rain gutter cover. They fail almost immediately.  In my experience rain gutter covers can change the way your home looks and really don't work.  

if you have any questions you call .484.636.8299.  Please visit us at YelpHandi Boyz, or  Facebook to see our projects.

We've removed several and been asked to clean gutters that have them installed. Isn't the purpose of gutter covers to stop the homeowner from cleaning the inside the rain gutters.  The leaves and roof grit follow the water right into the gutter. You cannot tell anything is going on inside the gutters until it is too late. Hence, your call to your local gutter cleaning expert, Handi Boyz, that does not want to clean your gutters with the plants growing out them and a rain gutter cap system installed.  It is a very expensive lesson for the homeowner that can be avoided.

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